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Repairs & Regulation

The working mechanism of the modern acoustic piano is made from the same materials as those used in the manufacturing of the first pianos - over 300 years ago.  The main components of the action are wood and felt.  Even the most famed and modern piano manufacturing facilities fully assemble the mechanism by hand.  Because of its construction, the piano action is liable to be affected not only by mechanical wear and tear, but also by the ever-changing temperature and humidity levels surrounding the piano.  In order to prolong the life of the action and its optimal performance, most manufacturers recommend that the action be regulated at least once every two years.  Depending on the climate and use, the schedule may be more frequent.  This job should only be performed by highly-trained, qualified technicians because the quality and the life of the action depend on the precision of the regulation.

Tuning & Voicing

In order to keep proper string tension, every piano must be tuned at least twice per year, if moderately used.  For heavy or professional use more frequent service is required.  In concert halls and recording studios, the piano is typically tuned before each performance.  The tuning schedule should coincide with the heating cycle of the room in which the piano is located.  After the beginning of a heating cycle, in the fall, allow the piano to acclimate to the new humidity level for two to three weeks and then have it tuned.  Likewise, after the end of a heating cycle, in the spring, wait two to three weeks after the heat has been turned off and then have it tuned.


A440 Tuning Fork Click Here to hear a perfect A440 pitch and play an "A" on your piano at the same time.  If you hear a pattern of repeating beats, your piano is out of tune!  If the "A" note on your piano sounds like a completely different note, your piano may need a pitch -raise. Please call us at 973-564-6136 for a free consultation with a piano tuner or technician or to schedule an appointment for a piano tuning

I am available right away to tune the piano for your upcoming concert, recital, wedding, birthday party or any other event. 

Emergency piano service is available at any time.

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